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Eyewash Station Double (Premium-Type B)

$65.00 SGD
Qty Unit Price ()
1 - 3 $65.00 SGD
4 - 9 $60.00 SGD
10+ $55.00 SGD
This eye wash station can be securely mounted in any easy-to-access location. 


The eye wash station comes with two bottles of Emergency Sterile Eye Wash 500ml Sterowash solution that can be used to quickly flush the eyes if an accident occurs. Because this eye wash station uses irrigation bottles, you don’t need to have access to plumbing in your space to enjoy its benefits, and you won’t need to make costly renovations to properly install it.


Measuring 293 mm in height by 505 mm in length, the Eye Wash Station has a spacious holder that is 62 mm deep. The eye wash station includes a mirror and first aid instructions. You can purchase additional bottles of Emergency Sterile Eye Wash 500ml Sterowash solution separately to ensure that your safety supplies remain well stocked.



  • Height: 293mm
  • Length: 505mm
  • Depth : 62mm (of holder)