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Burn Kit Medium

$92.00 SGD - $107.00 SGD
Type of Box:

Contents in Kit:

Nitrile Gloves 1 PAIR
Conforming Bandage 7.5cm 1 ROLL
Conforming Bandage 10cm 1 ROLL
Shear Scissors 1 PCE
Basic Advice on First Aid 1 PCE
Sterile Burn Blott Single Sachet 3.5ml Burnshield 10 SAC
Hydrogel Spray Bottle 75ml Multiple Use Burnshield 1 BOT
Sterile Burn Dressing 100mm x 100mm Burnshield 1 PCE
Sterile Burn Dressing (Digit Dressing) 25mm x 500mm Burnshield 1 PCE
Sterile Burn Dressing (Limb/Neck Dressing) 50mm x 1000mm Burnshield 1 PCE
Sterile Burn Dressing 200mm x 200mm Burnshield 1 PCE



Types of Boxes Available:

Model No. BC001 : First Aid Burns Case Red Medium 14cm x 23cm x 8cm


Model No. FAP001: First Aid Pouch Simple 22cm x 15xm x 7cm



About Burnshield Gel:

The Burnshield gel consists mainly of water (96%), Tea Tree Oil, gelling agents. Cooling the burn results in reduced skin damage and faster healing time. Tea Tree Oil’s antibacterial properties aid to reduce and prevent wound infection.



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