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Bullard Magma Fire Helmet

$530.00 SGD - $630.00 SGD
SKU: Bullard-Magma





The new Magma fire helmet platform concept.

Choose your personalized Magma from two unique configurations, Type A (half size shell) or Type B (three-quarter size shell) with a unified look

  • Sleek design accommodates a wide variety of accessories and electronic components
  • Can be easily reconfigured for new applications
  • Magma offers low weight and the most superior comfort in its classs
  • Built Bullard Tough – meeting your expectations

* Helmet type A and B according to EN443:2008



The layout of the platform, outer shell and visor encloses the inner compartment against all risks. No comparable helmet offers a similar protection against heat, flames, sparks and fluids.


The Magma head ring is made from just three components. Clearly laid out and easy to operate. The front and rear height of the head ring can be adjusted separately, just like the wearing height.These functions ensure sufficient space for a perfect fit of the protective goggles, the mask and for maximized head size coverage from 50-65 cm.



Strap system with 4-point attachment, adjusts itself automatically. Easy adjustment even with gloves on. The x-shaped design of the neck straps fits comfortably and obtains best results in pull off test.

The three-dimensional visor covers the retracted front frame for a maximum upper and lateral fi eld of view, while also covering the complete face up to the chin, leaving enough space for spectacles, protective goggles and even a respirator mask.



The helmet is compatible with all conventional respirator masks – whether with rubber straps or adjustable two-point mask connection.

Radio with bone or swan microphones are located where it should and can be mounted in no time and without using tools to the designated attachment points.


By intention Bullard decided not to go with a torch model orientated system due to the fast evolvement of the LED technology and the large variety of requirements. The newly developed torch adapter from Bullard can accommodate most types of torches. The adapter is attached to the ergonomical position: below the eye line, for a low-refl ection illumination even in intensive smoke conditions and also for a low centre of gravity.


Neck Protector
Neck protector made from Nomex or aluminized aramid fiber with inner layer. Dutch Ear-Neck-Protector 2-layer version or 4-layer version with watertight membrane.


Colors and Ranking
Magma offers a huge range of colors and color combinations as well as various options for ranking by colors, logos and text on the front frame, beneath the visor or on the outer shell.

  • modular platform concept
  • optional bi-colour design
  • largest protection zone
  • designed to prevent from view and hearing restrictions
  • largest visor, full face protection
  • full inside insulation against hazards
  • multiple adjustments for perfect fit
  • universal light adaption
  • only 29 components for easy handling, maintenance and low lifetime costs
  • no fix life time limitation







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